The Top Ten Reasons Why People Do Not Come In for Their First Dance Lesson & Why They Are All Wrong

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Even before people walk in the door for their first lesson, they come up with all sorts of objections to why they should not learn how to dance. Trying out something new for the first time is scary. It takes guts to learn a new skill. It is so much easier to put it off. We have heard all the excuses under the sun and they are ALL wrong.

For over 100 years, Arthur Murray dance studios all over the world have been teaching people how to dance. We pride ourselves in ensuring that the lessons we teach are fun, quick and easy so that anyone can learn how to dance in no time!

 1.      “ I’m too busy”

This is the number one reason we hear from old and new students alike. It’s true: life gets in the way sometimes. Between work and family- there are always a…

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