“Would You Like to Dance?” Part I: Social Dance Tips for Guys

Source: http://www.ballroommadesimple.com/2013/03/03/would-you-like-to-dance-part-i-social-dance-tips-for-guys/


2007, before I started teaching dance lessons, I wanted to end my reign as President of our local USA Dance chapter by offering our members one additional social dance to the schedule. So, we rented space at a local venue, created our music playlist and voila! ~ we had the makings of a very pleasant dance. You might be thinking how nice! Well. . .  it was for the couples who attended. But for the 3 single ladies who were there (me, my mother and another chapter member) it was pretty miserable.
The couples all migrated to the opposite end of the room to dance and socialize. We sat for 45 minutes before anyone approached us to ask us to dance (and in the world of social dancing that’s a “no no”). So there we were, among our own dance peers and no one had the courtesy to ask us to dance. Finally, only by the grace of a “mixer”  (a dance designed for partners to rotate so everyone has the chance to dance) we danced.

Couple dancing - cartoon So, men, this leads me to Social Dance Tip #1: if you are a married or dancing couple sitting at a table with single ladies at a ballroom social dance, it would be most kind and courteous if  you would ask a lady to dance. This, of course, should be of mutual consent with your dance partner. Just one dance, just 3 minutes out of your night. And even if you dance with 4 ladies that’s probably less than 15 minutes out of a 3 hour event.  It doesn’t mean you have to ask again, and it doesn’t mean you have to accept additional invitations to dance from other women, but at least you have extended the social grace by inviting a lady to dance who doesn’t have a partner. After all, they paid the same admission price (sometimes more as a single) to dance and should have that opportunity. I realize it’s your date night too, but it’s a polite gesture and will allow others to see that she is available to dance. Who knows? She could end up with a full dance card when others see her on the floor.

What’s Tip 2? Stay tuned for Part II coming soon.


Do you have a social dance tip to share? Drop me a line on my Facebook page “Ballroom Made Simple” or contact me at http://www.ballroommadesimple.com.


2 thoughts on ““Would You Like to Dance?” Part I: Social Dance Tips for Guys

  1. As a beginning male dancer, I have to admit it’s this one piece that has been the most difficult for me. Dancing with my wife is safe and comfortable. Asking others to dance has been trying. I kept thinking, “are they judging my dance abilities or lack of knowing a lot of steps?”. Then I realized that they are simply happy to be on the floor and loving you for asking them out. I just attended my last social dance and must have asked 15 women to dance (and a couple approached me) and i had a ball.

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